Shoes, purchase #2

May 3, 2009

I decided I just have to have flats. I don’t feel like myself in heels. I’m already tall, and any amount of heel can make me feel self-conscious. I wear ballet flats nearly every day. I think my wedding day will be no exception.

I just ordered these shoes from I have no idea when they will get here. They’re backorderd until May 25th and I think it could take 8-10 weeks after that. Eek. Hopefully they get here before my first fitting so I know whether I need to have my dress altered for flats or for some other kind of shoe. I hope they work out. They’re really cute, and they weren’t that expensive.
I visited my dress again this weekend because my MOH was in town. We were trying on veils and accessories and I realized white-white looks really bad against my diamond white dress. This means I also had to buy ivory tulle for my attempt at a DIY veil because I realized the white I had already bought just wasn’t gonna cut it.  So, diamond white dress, ivory shoes, ivory veil.  I hope it all comes together!  Less than 20 WEEKS to go!


One Response to “Shoes, purchase #2”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Hi there! I LOVE your blog! I found it because I have the exact same dress as you and I was searching for pictures of it online and came across your beautiful blog! Feel free to check out my website. I don’t have much of a blog, but maybe I should start:) I love your stories and everything you describe along the way of planning your perfect day.

    Good luck!

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