Po is short for Polar Bear

May 5, 2009


So, how excited do you think Po was when I showed him these:


Yeah, pretty excited!  To save on postage and paper, we are planning on using RSVP postcards. Currently the cost of a postcard stamp is 27 cents compared to 42 cents to send a card in an envelope, but with postage rates increasing on May 11th, we will need to use these new 28 cent Po stamps!

Unfortunately, there are no koala bear stamps, and I’m not about to cough up the extra money to have custom stamps made on Zazzle…though that WOULD be super cute.  So, good old Liberty Bell it is! 

One of Po’s jobs this week is to go buy us a dozen books of the Forever stamps to use for our invites and thank you cards.  In the grand scheme of things, it will only save us like $4 to buy these before the rate increase.  But I think the bell will look nice on our brown envelopes. And the whole “Forever” idea is one I think I’d like to apply to our marriage. 😉

So, saving some money, color coordination, and subtle implications of a long-lasting relationship are all reason enough for me to stick with the bell. 🙂

Are you stocking up on Forever stamps are going a different route with your invitation postage?


One Response to “Po is short for Polar Bear”

  1. Nikki Says:

    It was only going to cost a total extra of $8 to go with the pretty 44 cent wedding Forever stamp. I started addressing my side’s envelopes last night. To my amazement, I got most of the them done (not including return address)! We aren’t having a small wedding either. About 400 or so quests seemed like a lot, but when you bunch them up in actual households, it only comes to about half that. It wasn’t too hateful.

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