Our Honeymoon!

April 24, 2009

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t been that excited about the honeymoon. I’ve been totatally wrapped up in all the details of the actual wedding that I really didn’t care to plan a vacation on top of it. I read wedding blogs, not travel blogs. And I didn’t really care WHERE we went, as long as I got to spend a few whole days with my new husband! So, I left the honeymoon decision making up to Po.  Now all of a sudden we have an actual location in mind. And I’m getting kinda excted. I think the reason I wasn’t as excited before is because I couldn’t picture it in my mind.  It was just “Oh, yeah, a honeymoon. We’ll be…somewhere. Like on a beach or something. Cuz that’s where honeymoons take place.”   

We haven’t officially booked yet, but we plan on traveling to Charleston, SC and staying at the Harbourview Inn. It has so many wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor, so I figure we can’t go wrong. The Inn is within walking distance of a lot of area attractions and restaurants which means we probably won’t have to rent a car. We’re thinking of leaving the Sunday after our wedding and returning on Thursday. It’s kinda a short trip, but neither of us have enough vacation time to be able to take more than a week off after the wedding anyways. And since we don’t plan on moving in together until after we’re married, I want to have a few days at our new home (wherever that may be) to settle in before heading back to the daily grind.

Charleston just seems so charming. I think it will be a perfectly lovely location for our honeymoon.  There are lots of things both of us will enjoy seeing and doing, especially since Po is in the military (USS Yorktown, Fort Sumter). Before, I was all like, “eh, honeymoon, whatever.”  Now it’s, “Let’s GO!!”


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