My makeup trial

June 26, 2009

Behold, the Before:


A hot, sunny day in Des Moines, Iowa.  No makeup. Windblown hair.

An hour and a half later after a wonderful consultation at Sephora, and a bag full of makeup goodies, I look like this:

189_4597edSo, yeah. It’s not like, super dramatic or anything. But I think it’s perfectly lovely. Classic. Clean. Elegant. That’s what I was going for.  I still totally look like me, only with a touch of “pretty”. I think Po will like it. I should have taken a few more pictures right after it was done…but yeah, I didn’t.

This is the AFTER after shot. Twelve hours later, after walking around Des Moines on a very hot and humid day and driving for three hours to get home.  Hopefully I will not have June heat and humidity at my September wedding otherwise I need to pick up some of those blotter paper things ASAP.


The makeup held up pretty well, I think. Obviously the lip color wore off, but I did ZERO touch-ups. My MOH accompanied me on the trip and will be recreating the look on the big day. She loves Sephora, and this was my first time there. It was fun. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have one nearby or I might become a makeup junkie, too.  I’m looking forward to playing with my new goodies and doing some more practice runs.

What are you doing for your wedding makeup? Salon? Friend? DIY?


Healthy Snacks!

June 25, 2009

Healthy snacks, healthy snacks! We love to eat, yum, healthy snacks. Carrots, bananas and celery, too. We love to eat healthy snacks, don’t you?


What? You didn’t love watching Blue’s Clues when you were 16?  You didn’t get Blue’s Clues paraphernalia, like singing salt and pepper shakers for your birthday? Oh. Sorry.  I did! Yeah, I went through this phase…

Anyways. This week I have finally started to eat like a bride that needs to fit into a wedding dress in 85 days!!  Well, more like 4 weeks, because that’s when the fittings start.

Since I live at home, I eat whatever my dad buys at the grocery store.  Mmmm…not a good idea.  Dad doesn’t like to eat healthy snacks.  Well, sometimes. But not enough.  So, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some food from the “ABS DIET POWER” that I found in a bridal magazine article.  Each letter standsfor a food, and you are supposed to eat 6 (small) meals or snacks a day that contain at least 2 of those food items.  There’s more to this diet, but I’m just focusing on the food part (and adding in other foods that I know are good for me). I already run every day, so I’m just going to stick with that, and try to add in some additional push-ups and core exercises, etc.

So, whereas I used to get about 3-5 servings of fruit and vegetables a WEEK, I am now getting that many in one day!  What a concept! And eating 6 times a day sounds great, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to eat a snack while I’m at work, but I’m doing pretty well! I mean, losing a few pounds shouldn’t be rocket science.  I know I just need to eat more of what’s good for me and less of what’s bad.  That’s really it.  I’m keeping a food journal, too.  I find that is a great motivational tool.  I even made a column to write in foods that I avoided (like the doughnuts my boss brought in this week).  That way I can say, “Hey, I probably saved myself 500 calories today just by avoiding foods I know I shouldn’t eat and replacing them with foods I should eat!”

I doubt I’ve lost much weight in 4 days, but I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  And that’s really what is important.  I’m hoping to continue these healthy habits long past the wedding day.

And if this whole eating healthy thing does nothing for my figure in time for the wedding….well, I bought some Assets (the cheaper version of Spanx, sold at Target) last night…juuuust in case. 🙂


June 24, 2009

I owe you some pictures, seriously! I had my makeup trial on Saturday and I was really happy with it. I bought about $150 worth of makeup from Sephora, my first time there! I took my MOH and it was a lot of fun. Before, After, and After-After pictures to come!

I finished my tissue paper pomander! I think it took about 100 flowers, I stopped counting. I am pretty happy with it. It will be hanging from a light fixture by my desk for the next…86 days!! If it stays up there that long, I figure it’s safe to hang above the dance floor, right? (Pics to come.)

AND, last night, my mom, FMIL, Aunt, MOH, bridesmaid J, and I met to assemble our invites! Everything went pretty smoothly and they came out lovely. (Again, pics to come!) I thought it would be one of those moments where the wedding would feel “real”, but it wasn’t. I just felt like I was cutting and taping any old pieces of paper. Maybe when I start addressing them…or actually drop them off in the mail…or start getting the RSVP cards back…maybe then I’ll have that moment.

Po has been gone the past 2.5 weeks and will be back on Friday!!  Yay!! It feels like I haven’t seen him in forever.  I don’t remember how we ever used to do the long-distance thing!  And Saturday morning, we’re going house hunting!  That’s so cool…and scary…

it’s actually coming

June 19, 2009

I think yesterday was the first day I got really really excited about the wedding. For once, it actually feels close! Like, close close.  Po’s been gone for the last two weeks for Army training. 😦  I can’t even talk to him, I get a text once in a while, that’s it. It sucks.  He’ll be back in a week though! Yay!

While he’s been gone, I’ve been trying to keep busy with wedding tasks. I’ve gotten a decent amount of stuff accomplished.  Like ordering my veil yesterday.  Other things I’ve done:

  • got a hair cut, booked my hair trial and the wedding day hair appointment
  • reserved linens to be used on the cocktail tables (cranberry satin with chocolate satin sashes), cake table (floor length chocolate satin), and head table (chocolate satin runners)
  • started making tissue paper flowers for a pomander (it’s actually kind of fun, I find it almost therapeutic! Now I’m contemplating wreaths as well…)
  • had invitations cut at Kinko’s (I’ve heard mixed reviews about taking your invites to Kinko’s, but mine turned out perfect! I can post more about it when I finally write a post on the invitations.)
  • typed up the rough draft of our ceremony to present to our pastor
  • scheduled a makeup trial (at Sephora! for tomorrow! excited!)
  • collected addresses for all of my friends and family (still waiting for Po’s friend’s addresses)
  • glued ribbon to vases to hold our bouquets at the reception
  • contacted our Realtor and started looking over listings to start a house hunt RIGHT when Po gets back!

Hey! That’s a pretty good list! I feel so accomplished! But sooooo much more to do…

 A few months back (it’s been that long already? what?) I posted about my veil dilemma.  Pay the outrageous bridal store price, or DIY?

Well, I bought some tulle, white and ivory.  I bought some combs.  I handed the supplies over to my trusty bridesmaid J who is my craft-master.  She whipped up a trial veil and I tried it on.  I don’t think it was so much her skills that I wasn’t impressed with, but rather the quality of the tulle.  She assured me that she could make a better one and was going to purchase some new supplies and a pattern, but I really didn’t want her to have to go through the trouble.  So I took another careful look at my budget spreadsheet and decided that I can afford to swing the extra $80 to buy the overpriced, simple veil that I love.

I called the bridal store to make sure that the veil would get here in plenty of time if I ordered today. She said the veil I am looking at is made in the US and should arrive in a month.  Perfect!  Because that’s about the time my fittings will begin. Because I’m getting married in THREE MONTHS from today!!! Whoa.

So, that’s what I’m doing on my lunch break today! Ordering a veil!

i’m gonna try it

June 16, 2009

Tonight, my Cranberry-colored tissue paper should be arriving in the mail.  I am going to attempt to make those fun looking tissue pomanders following instructions from Heather.  I’m only going to make one. One BIG one.  To hang above the center of the dance floor with chocolate ribbon. Pics to follow. Wish me luck!

100 days!

June 10, 2009

One hundred days until our wedding!


Tomorrow our countdown will be DOUBLE DIGITS. This is big news, considering our engagement will end up being over 450 days long! Whenever I flip through a calendar now, my heart starts to beat faster.

It really is coming. We are really getting married.