Lace/Ribbon Bouquet Wrap

August 28, 2009

I met with my florist again yesterday. I changed my mind about the bridesmaid bouquets. I wasn’t sold on the all-carnation look like I thought I was. I thought it’d look…boring.
So, she suggested some different flowers, and I said, “Sure.” I still don’t know if I’ll like them, but whatever. It’s too late to keep changing my mind.
HOWEVER,  I just found this awesome bouquet wrap and I am going to mail her this picture. And even if I don’t like the flowers, I think this adorable wrap will make up for it. 🙂



23 days to go

August 26, 2009

Just a quick update:
The programs have been printed and cut. Printing was a pain, as usual. I’ve just come to expect it. The cutting was easy…because we paid someone else to do it! Kinko’s rocks. At least the one I go to does. Everything came out perfect. It was totally worth my $6.

I had a microdermabrasion treatment done for my back. I have a couple more scheduled. I don’t know if it’s actually going to make me look better in my strapless dress, but I figure it’s worth a shot. And doing it at the spa means I get a massage. So, whatever. I like going to the spa. I could get used to it. My bank account, not so much.

FMIL is trying to add another person to the guest list. Awesome.

RSVP cards are due on Monday and as of yesterday, we are still missing about 40% of the replies! Way to go, friends and family, way to go. I better be getting a lot of mail this week!

We had our consultation with our photographer last night. I think we have all of the logistics figured out. We’ll be doing our “first look” on a path by our reception place. Then the two of us will walk around the riverwalk and downtown area to get some more shots. The bridal party will meet up with us for group shots, then we will all head to the church for family portraits. Luckily our church and reception are only about a mile apart, because all of our photos have to happen in 2 hours. I really hope this doesn’t stress me out on the day of.

I met with our DJ. He is awesome and totally non-cheesy, which I like.

Our house is still empty! Hopefully we can get some stuff moved in and buy some furniture…really soon! If not, oh well. I told Po I’m fine with sleeping on an air mattress as long as we’re together. 🙂

So, I guess that’s the big stuff.
I have some stuff going on in my personal life that has been stressing me out, and it’s making it really hard for me to get excited for the wedding, which makes me really sad and even more stressed. Such a vicious cycle.
But, this wedding-thing is only going to happen once. So I need to snap out of it and get excited because everything is going to work out the wedding will be amazing and soon I get to be married to my best friend!

Yes, life will be good.

In the meantime, I need to get the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” out of my head. That is not positive thinking.

Hair Trial

August 20, 2009

Here are some pics from my hair trial.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  Actually, as I was sitting in the chair at the salon, I almost started crying. I just didn’t feel pretty. I thought it would be some sort of magical transformation, but instead I felt…weird. I don’t know.  Something’s not right. I can’t afford another trial so hopefully I can figure out how to communicate with my stylist better.  Or else I’ll just have to accept the fact that I can’t look perfect on my wedding day.


And here it is seven hours later.  It was supposed to be “half-up” but she only used maybe 10 bobby pins!!  My hair is super thick. Whenever I have it done, I usually end up with about 60 bobby pins!  It was falling out and sticking out in weird places.


I dunno. Maybe if I’d remembered my stinkin veil I would have felt more bridal.  But it remains at the bridal store, a half hour drive away.  Oh, well. It’s just hair.  With the dress and the veil and the makeup and the groom (and a professional photographer)…I’m sure I’ll feel pretty enough.

But here’s a good tip.  Get your hair done the day of your shower or bachelorette party. It’s more fun having somewhere to go with your hair all did.

That’s right!  We are exactly one month away!  I won’t even go into how I can’t believe how fast it is coming and yada yada yada…because it might stress me out.

So, instead, I have something fun to share! My rehearsal dinner outfit!

Here it is:

White Tank from Target

Nike Tempo Short

Asics Running Shoe

Cute, yes?


Were you expecting something like this?


Hmmm…that IS pretty…  But we are definitely going more casual. Once you see the rehearsal dinner invitations, you’ll understand. 🙂

One month!!!! One month one month one month ONE MONTH!!

i heart pretty cakes

August 4, 2009

hmmm….3 weeks? that’s how long it’s been since my last post? my, that’s embarrassing. sorry for anyone who’s been checking in. i’m just not good at blogging. and i won’t vow to get better, because…well, i probably won’t. so why make promises i can’t keep?

the wedding is in 45 days! 6 weeks from friday.   i really can’t believe it.  i just can’t.  i think i’m still on schedule.  the main things i’m slacking on are finalizing the details for our cake and the bouquets.

this is what we told our cake lady we wanted, with burgundy instead of green:

brides dot com autumnal confections


we saw a cake that looked like this in a cake magazine. it was all white though. and i think i liked it better than this one. but now i don’t remember. so i’ve been thinking of new designs. something to incorporate lace. like this?

the knot lace


Or something a little simpler like this lovely?

the knot brown and white


I dunno. I can’t decide. I like too many cakes. I really do. I have more cake pictures saved than anything else – more than dresses, more than bouquets, more than centerpieces.  I just like pretty cakes. If you happen to like ugly cakes more than pretty cakes, or you just want a really good laugh, check out www.cakewrecks.blogspotcom, if you haven’t already done so. Jen is hilarious.

(Like how I switch from no capitalization to using proper capitalization in the same post? Yeah, that’s nice.)

We did make a very lovely cake box. Which I still don’t have pictures of…

And we’re starting to get RSVP’s back, which is really, really fun!  I love going home to check the mail. Yeah, don’t have pics of the invites yet either…

If nothing else, after I am married, I KNOW I will be posting  my amazing photos from my photographer, because I know I will want to show those off. So, if  you’re like, “Whatever, Koandpo, your blog sucks.” at least check in after my wedding so you can get a fix of wedding porn.  I really do think my wedding is going to be awesome. But I’m a little biased.

66 days to go

July 14, 2009

I haven’t felt like blogging lately. Whenever I stop feeling so lazy, I should have some good stuff to post. But until then, I’m just gonna post a little update, more for my own benefit than anything else. 

Next week will be a busy wedding week.  Things that will happen:

  • invitations getting addressed by my lovely mother and aunt
  • first dress fitting!
  • mailing the invitations
  • meeting with caterer for the first time to go over details
  • meeting with church music director to discuss ceremony music

Looking at my DIY list, I’d say I’m about half way done.  Po and I took some pictures last night that will be used for our Rehearsal Dinner invitations.  I can’t wait to share those, I think they’re going to be really fun.

I’ve been updating my registries in preparation for the two showers being thrown for me next month. 

We met with our pastor and he approved of the readings we selected and our candle ceremony, which makes me very happy. It was nice to be able to personalize our ceremony.

We made our card box, of which I should also pictures…

As far as gifts for the bridal party and parents, I’m about half way there.  I’m making the BM gifts with the help of crafty bridesmaid J, and all of the supplies have been purchased, waiting on one more to arrive, and then we can whip those up.

And I decided we are definitely doing a candy buffet. I know some people think they’re getting old, but c’mon. We’re having a dessert reception. I think it’s practically required.  I’m trying to be as thrifty as  I can about it, so I don’t think it’s going to bust the budget, but it really is an unnecessary expense.  However, Po’s SIL said it would “make her life” if we had a candy buffet. So how can I turn that down? I really can’t.

Ugh, I seriously just need to post some pictures! I’m sorry, I suck.


June 30, 2009

(Don’t you just love my totally original post titles??)

Po, brother Ko, and I went to the tux shop last night to pick out the men’s attire. It was fairly painless, considering how terrible clothes shopping can be with Po. Seriously, I can’t even explain it. It’s just bad. But picking out tuxes went fine.

Po decided he wanted to wear a black tie and vest. I was kind of envisioning white or ivory, but hey, it’s his wedding, too, and he IS the one wearing it, and that’s what he wanted. The vest has a subtle stripe to it that adds some interest. My little nephew, the ring bearer will be dressed like Po. It will be so cute!

The groomsmen will be sporting solid black vests and burgundy ties that are a pretty good match for the bridesmaid dresses.

The fathers will be wearing the same black tuxes as everyone else with brown vests and ties. They had this brown/black look displayed on a mannequin and I liked it, so I went with it. I don’t have a good fashion vision, so I rely on mannequins a lot. I’ve been known to buy entire outfits at stores because I like the way it looks on a mannequin.  Brother Ko works at a clothing retail store and was recently dubbed a “fit expert”, so it was helpful to have him there. 

I had no idea how excited I would get to see Po trying on a tux.  It just brought a huge smile to my face.  And his butt looked really cute in those pants… Just sayin.

The dads and the other three groomsmen still need to be measured, so I’m hoping I can rely on Po to make sure his boys get their measurements taken care of and I can cross “Tuxes” off my checklist and not give it another thought! Hooray!