Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night: Getting Ready

October 23, 2009

I decided Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night by Black Eye Peas is our unofficial wedding day song because A) I heard that song on the radio a LOT in the weeks leading up to our wedding,  B) I did have a feeling it was going to be a good night, and C) I like Black Eyed Peas, and that song. 🙂

So, let the recaps begin!

This is how my wedding morning went down.  I woke up and ate cereal in my dad’s kitchen, just like I did every morning.  My dad wanted to go out to breakfast.  Silly male. Dad! I don’t have time for that! Sorry.

My roomie from college was with me all morning, because she stayed the night at my house.  We went to the new house to get some stuff because I had already moved all of my clothes there, but had forgotten to pack an outfit to wear while getting ready that day!  I also grabbed some earrings that reminded me of my late and beloved grandma to pin into my dress along with a pearl earring (yes, just one, the other broke) that was a gift from Po the same night I agreed to call him my boyfriend. 🙂

We went to the reception site to set-up.  Po’s friend, 3 of my bridesmaids, my mom, sister, Po’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law were all on hand to help out.  We knocked it out in about an hour.  The staff ladies were also very helpful.

After set-up, the girls went for coffee and I went home to go for my run.  This was finally the last day of my running streak!  I thought it would be a peaceful, reflective run. My last run as a single lady, down the streets of my childhood neighborhood. Um, no.  It was more like me running down the streets, grinning ear to ear, wanting to hop and skip and jump and yell at the passing cars, “I’m getting MARRIED today!”  I was breathless with excitement.  I was thrilled with the beautiful weather. I was rushed to get home and shower so I could go meet my girls for lunch!

We went to an Italian restaurant for a delicious lunch buffet.  Hell, yes. I am NOT that bride that goes her entire wedding day without eating.  Oh, no. I needed fuel!  It was another benefit of having a late evening ceremony. We had plenty of time to chill and eat lots of bread. We were having such a relaxed pleasant lunch, I almost forgot why we were all there. Oh yeah, my friends are all here having lunch with me because it’s my wedding day!

After lunch, it was off to Five Star Salon to get our hair did.  My stylist really worked with me and I ended up liking my hair much better than I did for the trial!  I felt so relaxed. It still wasn’t quite hitting me.


MOH was writing her toast in the waiting area. We’re procrastinators. I’ve done the same exact thing. That’s how we roll.


After we were all beautified, we went and set-up camp in our hotel suite.  MOH and I went to my dad’s to pick-up my dress and bring it to the hotel.  I had made a playlist of favorite songs to play as we got ready (including Black Eyed Peas, of course).  More of the girls joined us, and we had one big getting-ready party: curling hair, painting toenails, doing makeup, singing, laughing, dancing.  It was like a slumber party…only in the middle of the afternoon!

All of a sudden it was 4:00! I was supposed to be meeting Po and our photographer at 5:00!  Where did the time go?  MOH sat me down to begin makeup.

(Following  Photos by BM Jenna, unless otherwise noted)

Events - 0362

Events - 0346

The florist arrived at 4:30 with our bouquets which were beautiful!

(Photo by Usherette Bethany)

Then it was 4:45….and I still wasn’t in my dress! And I started to panic. How can this be happening? I was stressed I was going to have too much time! Now I don’t have enough?! I’m going to be late!  I’m going to miss out on my precious photography minutes! I didn’t want to be rushed! This is what I had wedding nightmares about! I’m not going to look as good as I wanted to! This isn’t how it was supposed to be!!!

Luckily, I had my amazing girls there. They got me into that dress fast.

Events - 0380Events - 0391

They remembered my lip gloss.

Events - 0400

They made me pose for a picture.

Events - 0394

I looked out the window to see if I could see Po waiting for me. I couldn’t see him, but he was there.

Events - 0396



I took one last stop to look in the mirror, and I started to tear up. I’m a bride! It’s finally hitting me! This is my wedding day! I do actually look pretty! I look so bride-like! Is it vain to be crying because I think I’m pretty?  Oh, well. It’s my wedding day. It’s OK.  Alright. Time to go.



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