You are my sunshine

September 10, 2009

Now that our wedding countdown is down to EIGHT days, I have begun religiously checking for the 10-day forecast, and I have decided that the 10-day forecast is nothing but a cruel form of torture. Really. How can they predict the weather 10 days out? They can’t. So why do they post their guesses? To make us poor brides panic?  The forecast for my wedding has already changed at least 5 times. Rain. No rain. Rain, no rain.

It’s not like our wedding is outdoors, so it won’t really change any of our plans if it does rain. I just might not get the photos I want. Which would make me sad. And rainy days are depressing. And even though I don’t plan on being depressed on my wedding day, it’d be nice if the weather could reflect the happy occasion.

Currently, this is the forecast for Thursday, the day beforeour wedding: high of 72, sunny, 0% of chance. Does it GET any more perfect than that??  Friday doesn’t look too bad either. But there’s no point in getting excited about that. Because yesterday, the forecast said it was going to rain ALL week!  I need to stop checking. But I can’t.

Po is my sunshine, my only sunshine. He’ll make me happy if skies are gray. 🙂


One Response to “You are my sunshine”

  1. Emily Says:

    Don’t worry! It rained on our wedding day, and it was still absolutely perfect. My grandmother said it was just like diamonds falling from the sky 🙂 Plus we got some really great photos with red umbrellas. Hang in there!

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