It’s finally hit me!

August 31, 2009

I think it’s different for every bride. Maybe some women get really excited like…6 months out. Maybe the reality of it all doesn’t hit some until the day-o,f when they’re stepping into their wedding gown. Well, for me, it appears to have taken place at the three-weeks-out mark. It finally feels real. It feels exciting. I’m giddy. I look at the calendar and smile instead of panic. (Well, maybe still a itty-bit of panic, but definitely not as bad as before.)

I think this past weekend helped me get excited because we got so much stuff crossed off our to-do list! We painted two rooms in our house, got new cell phones on a new family plan, bought a bed, bought candy for the candy buffet, got some little DIY projects finished…etc. So, now there is less to DO and more to get EXCITED about! The wedding is really coming!

We got our first official wedding gift in the mail!

The RSVP deadline is today…HA. Still missing QUITE a few postcards, but I’ll be passing along the list of names to call to other people, so I’m not stressed about it.

I only have 10 more full days of work left!

I bought some…”attire” for the honeymoon! Ha!

I’m just so excited now and it feels WONDERFUL! This is the emotion I’ve been waiting for! I can’t wait to marry my wonderful man and move into our cute little house together and begin this wonderful adventure of married life!

Let’s just hope I can stay on this high for another 18 days!


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