i heart pretty cakes

August 4, 2009

hmmm….3 weeks? that’s how long it’s been since my last post? my, that’s embarrassing. sorry for anyone who’s been checking in. i’m just not good at blogging. and i won’t vow to get better, because…well, i probably won’t. so why make promises i can’t keep?

the wedding is in 45 days! 6 weeks from friday.   i really can’t believe it.  i just can’t.  i think i’m still on schedule.  the main things i’m slacking on are finalizing the details for our cake and the bouquets.

this is what we told our cake lady we wanted, with burgundy instead of green:

brides dot com autumnal confections


we saw a cake that looked like this in a cake magazine. it was all white though. and i think i liked it better than this one. but now i don’t remember. so i’ve been thinking of new designs. something to incorporate lace. like this?

the knot lace


Or something a little simpler like this lovely?

the knot brown and white


I dunno. I can’t decide. I like too many cakes. I really do. I have more cake pictures saved than anything else – more than dresses, more than bouquets, more than centerpieces.  I just like pretty cakes. If you happen to like ugly cakes more than pretty cakes, or you just want a really good laugh, check out www.cakewrecks.blogspotcom, if you haven’t already done so. Jen is hilarious.

(Like how I switch from no capitalization to using proper capitalization in the same post? Yeah, that’s nice.)

We did make a very lovely cake box. Which I still don’t have pictures of…

And we’re starting to get RSVP’s back, which is really, really fun!  I love going home to check the mail. Yeah, don’t have pics of the invites yet either…

If nothing else, after I am married, I KNOW I will be posting  my amazing photos from my photographer, because I know I will want to show those off. So, if  you’re like, “Whatever, Koandpo, your blog sucks.” at least check in after my wedding so you can get a fix of wedding porn.  I really do think my wedding is going to be awesome. But I’m a little biased.


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