June 30, 2009

(Don’t you just love my totally original post titles??)

Po, brother Ko, and I went to the tux shop last night to pick out the men’s attire. It was fairly painless, considering how terrible clothes shopping can be with Po. Seriously, I can’t even explain it. It’s just bad. But picking out tuxes went fine.

Po decided he wanted to wear a black tie and vest. I was kind of envisioning white or ivory, but hey, it’s his wedding, too, and he IS the one wearing it, and that’s what he wanted. The vest has a subtle stripe to it that adds some interest. My little nephew, the ring bearer will be dressed like Po. It will be so cute!

The groomsmen will be sporting solid black vests and burgundy ties that are a pretty good match for the bridesmaid dresses.

The fathers will be wearing the same black tuxes as everyone else with brown vests and ties. They had this brown/black look displayed on a mannequin and I liked it, so I went with it. I don’t have a good fashion vision, so I rely on mannequins a lot. I’ve been known to buy entire outfits at stores because I like the way it looks on a mannequin.  Brother Ko works at a clothing retail store and was recently dubbed a “fit expert”, so it was helpful to have him there. 

I had no idea how excited I would get to see Po trying on a tux.  It just brought a huge smile to my face.  And his butt looked really cute in those pants… Just sayin.

The dads and the other three groomsmen still need to be measured, so I’m hoping I can rely on Po to make sure his boys get their measurements taken care of and I can cross “Tuxes” off my checklist and not give it another thought! Hooray!


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