My makeup trial

June 26, 2009

Behold, the Before:


A hot, sunny day in Des Moines, Iowa.  No makeup. Windblown hair.

An hour and a half later after a wonderful consultation at Sephora, and a bag full of makeup goodies, I look like this:

189_4597edSo, yeah. It’s not like, super dramatic or anything. But I think it’s perfectly lovely. Classic. Clean. Elegant. That’s what I was going for.  I still totally look like me, only with a touch of “pretty”. I think Po will like it. I should have taken a few more pictures right after it was done…but yeah, I didn’t.

This is the AFTER after shot. Twelve hours later, after walking around Des Moines on a very hot and humid day and driving for three hours to get home.  Hopefully I will not have June heat and humidity at my September wedding otherwise I need to pick up some of those blotter paper things ASAP.


The makeup held up pretty well, I think. Obviously the lip color wore off, but I did ZERO touch-ups. My MOH accompanied me on the trip and will be recreating the look on the big day. She loves Sephora, and this was my first time there. It was fun. It’s probably a good thing we don’t have one nearby or I might become a makeup junkie, too.  I’m looking forward to playing with my new goodies and doing some more practice runs.

What are you doing for your wedding makeup? Salon? Friend? DIY?


2 Responses to “My makeup trial”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Totally LOVE your makeup! They did a fantastic job! Are they doing your makeup the day of wedding or did they just show you how? Beautiful!

  2. koandpo Says:

    Thanks Nikki! They showed my MOH how to do the makeup and gave her a face chart as well. She’s much better at the whole makeup thing than I am, so I have no worries!

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