Healthy Snacks!

June 25, 2009

Healthy snacks, healthy snacks! We love to eat, yum, healthy snacks. Carrots, bananas and celery, too. We love to eat healthy snacks, don’t you?


What? You didn’t love watching Blue’s Clues when you were 16?  You didn’t get Blue’s Clues paraphernalia, like singing salt and pepper shakers for your birthday? Oh. Sorry.  I did! Yeah, I went through this phase…

Anyways. This week I have finally started to eat like a bride that needs to fit into a wedding dress in 85 days!!  Well, more like 4 weeks, because that’s when the fittings start.

Since I live at home, I eat whatever my dad buys at the grocery store.  Mmmm…not a good idea.  Dad doesn’t like to eat healthy snacks.  Well, sometimes. But not enough.  So, I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some food from the “ABS DIET POWER” that I found in a bridal magazine article.  Each letter standsfor a food, and you are supposed to eat 6 (small) meals or snacks a day that contain at least 2 of those food items.  There’s more to this diet, but I’m just focusing on the food part (and adding in other foods that I know are good for me). I already run every day, so I’m just going to stick with that, and try to add in some additional push-ups and core exercises, etc.

So, whereas I used to get about 3-5 servings of fruit and vegetables a WEEK, I am now getting that many in one day!  What a concept! And eating 6 times a day sounds great, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to eat a snack while I’m at work, but I’m doing pretty well! I mean, losing a few pounds shouldn’t be rocket science.  I know I just need to eat more of what’s good for me and less of what’s bad.  That’s really it.  I’m keeping a food journal, too.  I find that is a great motivational tool.  I even made a column to write in foods that I avoided (like the doughnuts my boss brought in this week).  That way I can say, “Hey, I probably saved myself 500 calories today just by avoiding foods I know I shouldn’t eat and replacing them with foods I should eat!”

I doubt I’ve lost much weight in 4 days, but I’m feeling pretty good about myself.  And that’s really what is important.  I’m hoping to continue these healthy habits long past the wedding day.

And if this whole eating healthy thing does nothing for my figure in time for the wedding….well, I bought some Assets (the cheaper version of Spanx, sold at Target) last night…juuuust in case. 🙂


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