it’s actually coming

June 19, 2009

I think yesterday was the first day I got really really excited about the wedding. For once, it actually feels close! Like, close close.  Po’s been gone for the last two weeks for Army training. 😦  I can’t even talk to him, I get a text once in a while, that’s it. It sucks.  He’ll be back in a week though! Yay!

While he’s been gone, I’ve been trying to keep busy with wedding tasks. I’ve gotten a decent amount of stuff accomplished.  Like ordering my veil yesterday.  Other things I’ve done:

  • got a hair cut, booked my hair trial and the wedding day hair appointment
  • reserved linens to be used on the cocktail tables (cranberry satin with chocolate satin sashes), cake table (floor length chocolate satin), and head table (chocolate satin runners)
  • started making tissue paper flowers for a pomander (it’s actually kind of fun, I find it almost therapeutic! Now I’m contemplating wreaths as well…)
  • had invitations cut at Kinko’s (I’ve heard mixed reviews about taking your invites to Kinko’s, but mine turned out perfect! I can post more about it when I finally write a post on the invitations.)
  • typed up the rough draft of our ceremony to present to our pastor
  • scheduled a makeup trial (at Sephora! for tomorrow! excited!)
  • collected addresses for all of my friends and family (still waiting for Po’s friend’s addresses)
  • glued ribbon to vases to hold our bouquets at the reception
  • contacted our Realtor and started looking over listings to start a house hunt RIGHT when Po gets back!

Hey! That’s a pretty good list! I feel so accomplished! But sooooo much more to do…


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