I can’t believe I’m giving in…

June 18, 2009

 A few months back (it’s been that long already? what?) I posted about my veil dilemma.  Pay the outrageous bridal store price, or DIY?

Well, I bought some tulle, white and ivory.  I bought some combs.  I handed the supplies over to my trusty bridesmaid J who is my craft-master.  She whipped up a trial veil and I tried it on.  I don’t think it was so much her skills that I wasn’t impressed with, but rather the quality of the tulle.  She assured me that she could make a better one and was going to purchase some new supplies and a pattern, but I really didn’t want her to have to go through the trouble.  So I took another careful look at my budget spreadsheet and decided that I can afford to swing the extra $80 to buy the overpriced, simple veil that I love.

I called the bridal store to make sure that the veil would get here in plenty of time if I ordered today. She said the veil I am looking at is made in the US and should arrive in a month.  Perfect!  Because that’s about the time my fittings will begin. Because I’m getting married in THREE MONTHS from today!!! Whoa.

So, that’s what I’m doing on my lunch break today! Ordering a veil!


2 Responses to “I can’t believe I’m giving in…”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Ooooh! So crazy exciting! Congrats on 3 months! Matt and I are at 100 days, today! Wow, how time flies:) The veil sounds very exciting! My mom is making mine. I am having a long veil and bringing the matial tonight to my {first fitting!} to make sure the ivory will go with the diamond white. I’m thinking it might be too dark:| May need to order different tulle.

    Congrats again on your veil!

  2. koandpo Says:

    I ordered my veil in ivory because I thought the diamond white looked too white against the dress. The ivory looks dark by itself, but I think it looks good against the dress.

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