Groomsmen Gifts

June 4, 2009

Po loves Scrabble. Actually, it’s more like he’s addicted to it. He has a Scrabble application on his iPod touch and if I leave him alone for more than 2 seconds, the next thing I know, he’s staring down at his letters, trying to come up with a good word. I told him I’m never playing against him again because he’s learned too many ridiculous words that I swear the computer makes up.

So, that being said, when Po first saw a pair of Scrabble tile cuff links, he thought they were the coolest thing ever. I found some on Etsy and decided to buy a pair for him and all of the groomsmen.  (My first Etsy purchase! Hoorah!)


I hope the groomsmen will like them. I know Po will love them. Coming up with groomsmen gifts is really hard.  Actually, I find shopping for men in general, for any occasion, to be very difficult, especially when you are on a budget.  We can’t afford to splurge like some people. I’m just not going to stress over it, because I don’t believe the guys really care a whole lot.  I think a genuine thank you and a small token of our appreciation will do just fine.

Did you try really hard to come up with some sort of personalized, unique gift for the guys in your wedding party?  Or did you just go the “personalized,” monogrammed flask/pocket knife/money clip/ [insert manly item here] route? 


One Response to “Groomsmen Gifts”

  1. Emily Says:

    I love these! I wish they weren’t sold out … though I did email the seller. Cross your fingers!

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