White Paper Bags!! Woohoo!

May 27, 2009

What’s so exciting about white paper bags?

You can make pretty luminaries out of them!

[Image Source]

I’ve been on the lookout for cheap white lunch bags for several months. I spotted some at Target one day, but decided there was no rush to buy them.  Well, every time I’ve been back to Target since then, they haven’t had the white bags!  Craft stores sell them, but they cost about $2 per bag of 10 or something ridiculous like that. Mine cost less than $2 for fifty! 

For less than $15 I plan to line the steps and sidewalks of my church for our evening ceremony!  This is a tradition we used to do at my church for the Christmas Eve services.  It looks SO pretty.  I think it will make for beautiful, inexpensive, ceremony decor. 

If I wasn’t lazy, I could even use some doilies like Martha to tie in with our lace theme. 


But I think that looks like too much work for how many I want to make.  Maybe for just a few, like the ones lining the steps?  I dunno. We’ll see how I feel. 




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