Budget Weddings on TheKnot

May 26, 2009

I just came across a great feature on The Knot. Under their “Budget Weddings” section (which I had never even noticed before. huh.) they have a “$10k wedding budget challenge“!  It consists of some great ideas from wedding planners for hosting weddings under $10k in various big cities across the country. The Milwaukee version seems very similar to our plans, which excites me. You might notice that none of these weddings are for a Saturday night dinner, or for more than 100 guests. But I think everyone can take a tip or two and apply it to their own event.  It’s a great example of prioritizing different aspects of your wedding and deciding where to allocate your funds to get the most bang for your buck.  I especially like how they list specific vendors, so you know they’re not just pulling numbers out of a hat to come up with these imaginary budgets.

The $10k does not include the honeymoon or wedding rings, but they do include some smaller budget items that people can tend to overlook, like postage, or hair and makeup. 

If I were to add up our current budget and expenses thus far, and not include our honeymoon and rings, I’m pretty sure our budget would fall under the $10k mark.  And in comparison to The Knot’s Milwaukee event, we will be inviting twice as many people and serving a lot more than just chocolate!  Although, just chocolate and champagne does sound perfectly lovely and sophisticated to me.

I know I live in a smaller city than Milwaukee or New York or San Francisco, but these wedding plans show that you can’t use living in a big city as an excuse for not pulling off a fabulous budget wedding. I have to admit, I do get slightly annoyed when girls on wedding message boards proclaim that they simply canNOT have a budget wedding in their area, it’s just not possible, it can’t be done, etc.  Well, yes, it can.  It may not be a Saturday night dinner reception, you may not be able to invite 300 people, but you CAN have a lovely, fabulous, beautiful, memorable wedding on a budget in a big city. You just have to prioritize and make a few sacrifices.   And do a lot of research!

And speaking of $10k weddings…I can’t wait to see some pictures from TTO‘s wedding!


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