Those brides aren’t kidding…

May 22, 2009

…when they say that going the DIY route for your invitations can be time-consuming and frustrating! Well, I guess it doesn’t have to be. If you didn’t care how perfect your invites turned out…if you didn’t care that the color wasn’t printing quite how you want it…that the borders weren’t perfectlly centered…etc. etc…then you could probably whip something out really fast.

Overall, once I get those little buggers to print just how I want, I think my invites are going to be fabulous. The designing part is fun for me!  A little time consuming, but it’s nice that I have InDesign on my computer at work… not that I spend half of my day at work designing my wedding stationary. What? No. Who does that?

After a few weeks of work, all I have completed so far is my business card-sized inserts with our wedding webiste. Oh. boy.

My brother’s Epson printer is not playing nice with my purdy paper. We’ll see who wins the battle in the days to come. Right now it’s Devil-printer: one. Cardstock: zero.

I found this lovely invitation today, and it is similar to what I’ve been creating. But I won’t tell you whawt makes it similar. You’ll see, soon enough.

Image from  Paper Chez, via Paper Crave

Po could see me completely stressing out last night during my struggles with the printer.  He waved me over for a hug and told me we will have the best invitations ever.  He’s such a sweetie.  Someone has to keep me sane.


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