Five Years!

May 14, 2009

Today is our Five Year First Date-aversary! Five years ago today, Po picked me up at my house and we went to dinner at  Culver’s (yes, classy, but I had just returned from a year in Wisconsin and wanted the boy to try some cheesecurds). It was actually a non-date. We were supposed to be doing it “just as friends”.   After that we got ice cream and then went for a walk on the bike path along the Mississippi River. After our walk we went to Po’s house where we watched Donnie Darko (again, very romantic). I guess neither of us wanted the non-date to end, because we then popped in some ‘Allo ‘Allo!dvd’s. And we cuddled. And we kissed. And Po asked what we “were”. Friends? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Let’s see where this goes? We decided on the last one.

I still remember what I wore on that first non-date. I remember waiting ’til Po got up from our booth to get some extra napkins before I prayed before eating my meal, because I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. I remember walking along the river and wanting to reach out and hold his hand, just because it seemed right (but I didn’t). And oooh boy I remember that first kiss.

And six months later, after a summer together and a semester apart, I finally agreed to call Po my boyfriend.  And now here we are! Gettin’ all married and stuff!

Since Po is working tonight, we celebrated our anniversary earlier this week like we do every year…with a trip to Culver’s. We even try to sit in the same booth. We kept saying, “Who would have thought, five years ago, that five years from then we would be engaged and planning our WEDDING!”  It’s just craziness, ya know?!

Do you have any traditions for celebrating the anniversary of your first date?

Were you one of those “love at first sight” couples that knew after the first date that you’d found your future spouse? Or did it take you a while to get that feeling that you’d found “the One”?


One Response to “Five Years!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    What a cute story! Anniversaries are so fun. I can’t say that Matt and I celebrate it the same way every year, but we relive our first date on special occasions such as birthdays, valentine’s day, occassions like that. What I love most, is that Matt reinacted our first date for his proposal, yet he never let on what he was doing. Pretty sly:) Congrats on your 5 years together! It is amazing how time flies!

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