Where do you keep your stuff?

May 12, 2009


Votive candles, floating candles, tea-light candles.

Envelopes, vellum, cardstock, and thank you cards.

Spools and spools of ribbon.

Organza flower prettiness. 

Shoes (yes, more than one pair…).

Bridesmaid dresses.

Xyron machines! Oh my! 

We’re still more than four months out, and already all of the wedding “stuff” is beginning to pile up!  For the last couple of months I’ve been keeping all of my boxes in my brother’s room while he’s been away at college.  (I still live at home, remember.)  Well, last night, he came home. A day early.  Ooops.  There were a few things I hadn’t managed to clear out yet.   Now all of the boxes are neatly stacked by my computer desk, awaiting a new home.  I’m sure my dad won’t be too pleased if they sit there for another 129 days.  I keep thinking, if I was still living with my old roommate, there would definitely be no room for all of this stuff in our small apartment.  Maybe Po will have to start storing some of our wedding stuff, as much as I like to keep it close to me…

Where do all of you other DIY brides store all of your wedding stuff? Have you taken over any spare bedrooms?  Is it taking up more space than  you expected?

(Also, sparklie is at the jewelers again, helping to put the finishing touches on my custom band!  I should have them BOTH in my hands by the end of the week! Very exciting!)


One Response to “Where do you keep your stuff?”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Yes! Wedding stuff does quickly start accumulating, not only in a bride’s mind, but in about every nook and cranny of her entire life and space! I have stuff on end tables in my house, things stuffed in the trunk of my car and luckily, I have a spare room to store the majority of it. I try to keep it placed and kept neatly, but I struggle with this at times. I am so thankful I do not still live with my parents or this would be a potential nightmare! I would simply go mad. Good luck with your storing and hopefully Po will help you out;)

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