Ooh, throw me candy!

May 7, 2009

Last week, FMIL, who works at the local high school, informed us that there will be a parade for us on our wedding day!!

OK, so it’s not for us. Apparently HOMECOMING falls on the same day as our wedding day. Hmmm…

I’ve been trying to figure out how this is going to ruin our wedding, but I haven’t come up with anything yet. In high school, I was never that “in” to Homecoming.  Parades and dances all because of a stupid football game?  Psh, please. (I was on the cross country team, after all. Where was OUR parade, huh?)

Our ceremony and reception venues are far enough away from the football stadium that traffic and parking won’t be an issue. I think I only have one cousin left that goes to our alma mater, and if he wants to skip our wedding for the game, I have absolutely no problem with that. The parade will take place early in the afternoon, so that also shouldn’t mess anything up.

I am yet again saved by our Friday wedding!  If we were having our wedding on the Saturday of that weekend, then I would be competing for local hair salons with all of the teenage girls getting their hair done for the dance!

Having Homecoming the night of our wedding  might even have one positive effect! This will give us another reason to tell FMIL not to invite all of her co-workers to our wedding…because they won’t want to attend anyways – they will definitely not want to miss this all-important high school event! (Right? Yes? Yes.)

Oh, and I guess I should explain why I titled this post “Throw me candy!” It’s kind of an inside joke between Po and I. He always gets reaaallly excited whenever he sees/hears ambulance/emergency-vehicle sirens. I make fun of him for it. One day we were out running and we heard a siren, and he started looking around in all directions like a crazy person trying to find out what direction it was coming from, and I was all like, “Calm down! It’s just a fire truck! You’re not a little kid at a parade! ‘Ooh! A firetruck! Throw me candy!'” So, now whenever we here sirens we like to say, “Ooh! Throw me candy!” Stupid, I know. I guess you had to be there.  But that was my reference to a parade.  And I guess we’re having one for our wedding. 🙂


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