April 17, 2009

We have a videographer! For some reason when I was thinking of videographers to email, I forgot about Ruby Media. Shame on me!  I’ve met David and Lauri before at a bridal show and they are the nicest people!  They always receive excellent reviews on our local wedding site. And I also have seen them in action at a friend of my dad’s wedding last September.

I sent them an email asking for a quote for ceremony-only footage, and after a few more emails, I was getting an hour of pre-ceremony, ceremony, and an hour of the reception for an AMAZING price.  You wouldn’t even believe how amazing.  I am soooooo excited.

They also offered to use their new HD cameras for our wedding if we don’t mind being a demo for future clients. “Don’t mind”?! Psh! Show our wedding to the world, I don’t care!

I met with Lauri yesterday to go over the contract and pay my deposit, and as always, she was super sweet. I am so excited about not only having a great wedding video, but also just having great people surrounding us at our wedding!

I’m SO glad we are not having to ask a friend or relative to take on the daunting task of filming our wedding.  Now all of our guests can have a great time, we didn’t have to bust our budget, and we’re going to have an awesome video to remember our special day for years and years to come!

Every time I get something figured out for our wedding, it makes me REALLY excited!  I just start to picture what everything will look like when it all comes together and the day is actually HERE.  Eeeee! It’l be here before we know it!

Now I just have to figure out decor/flowers/invites….and all the little stuff.


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