April 10, 2009

Yeah, I love argyle. I have argyle socks. And argyle sweaters. Lots of them. And argyle shirts.  So, naturally, I want this:

Image from the famous knottie mrs.pootiekins via classic bride

I’ve been on the outlook for fun argyle socks in our wedding colors. I scoured the web and hit up all the department stores every time I went to the mall.  Nothing seemed to fit the bill. And anything even remotely close to what I was looking for also happened to be ridiculously expensive.  Seriously, I wasn’t about to spend more on socks for the groomsmen than I did on the dresses for my bridesmaids!

Finally, I checked J. Crew once more in search of argyle socks and found these.


The color that just so happens to be on sale is the one that just so happens to go with my wedding colors. The red isn’t exactly right, but you know what? I don’t care. Whatever. They’re argyle, they’re close enough, they’re on SALE!  So, I ordered five pairs.

Only weird part is that they aren’t scheduled to ship until July 14th. Which is fine, that\’s more than two months before our wedding and if they don’t show, I won’t be devastated.  But still…that’s a long time to wait for a few pairs of socks.  I mean…I got my MOH dress in less time…but whatev.  I’ll put my trust in J. Crew. 🙂

FI doesn’t quite understand why I went through all of this trouble just so we can have a couple of fun “sock” pictures. But he’s a boy, what does he know? haha


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