How much do I really want to spend…

April 6, 2009

on a piece of tulle? 

My old roommate (who is also engaged) and I went to the bridal shop where I bought my dress so she could try on dresses.  First of all, I am clearly not a good choice for a dress shopping partner. I get waaay too distracted and can’t think past my own wedding. Very selfish of me.  That being said, former-roomie  was the one who requested to see me in my dress since she claims I haven’t even shown her pictures of it. So, I obliged and tried it on again…for her.

So, there we were standing around in wedding dresses, and I felt like we were in our own version of Bride Wars! lol Except her wedding isn’t until May of next year. But whatev. It was fun.

The consultant asked if I wanted to try on veils and I said, sure. Any excuse to prance around in my dress longer, right? I told the girl I was looking for something with no embellishment, and about fingertip length. So, of course, she returns with the PERFECT veil.  With the very not-perfect pricetag of $125.  For a piece of tulle!! With no beading or lace or embellishment of any kind?! I know veils are overpriced and all…but seriously. 

Even with the $50 discount I’d get because I bought my dress at their shop, that’s still $75.  I could make one for less than $10.  But would it come out at the right length and shape and sheerness?  I could experiment a bunch of times and still spend a lot less than $75, but that could be a PITA.  I’m also having trouble finding “diamond white” tulle at the fabric stores around here. One lady even told me, “I don’t even know what ‘diamond white’ is.”  Great.

I could suck it up and pay the $75 and then try to re-sell it after the wedding to try to re-coup some of the outrageous cost while helping out another bride…but I don’t know.  I think I will feel like I’ve been violated by the wedding industry if I surrendor and pay their outrageous prices.

I know there are cheap veils online, but I hestitate to buy anything without trying it on first.  Hmm…what to do, what to do.

Anyone with veil advice?


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