With this ring…Part I

April 3, 2009

Last weekend, both Po and I ordered our wedding bands! Yay! So excited.  We first went to JH Revell Jewelers to order my custom band that will be made to fit my engagement ring. It took me a long time to decide what to do about a band.  There is a matching one that goes with my e-ring, but it is also covered in diamonds, and a little on the pricey side (or so I assumed, seeing as the sales person wouldn’t actually give me a price, but that’s another story…).  I considered just getting a plain, thin band.  There’s something about a plain band that I just like, it looks classic to me, it says “marriage”.  But I didn’t like the gap that was left between my e-ring and the band.  So, I decided to get a cross between the two.  And if for some reason I ever want to wear my band alone, I will just turn the curved part in and it will look like a normal band! Or if i ever change my mind, I can always “upgrade” to the matching ring down the road.

The jeweler ended up charging me $450 instead of the $300 they quoted me at the bridal show two months ago, but whatever.  I had a $100 off coupon. My band will be plain 14k white gold and curve to fit the unique shape of my ring. Yesterday I went to drop off my beloved sparklie so they can make a mold to get a precise fit. I’m so excited to see the final product! I’m a little nervous because I never actually spoke to one of the designers, my information was just relayed from the sales woman to the designer. I found that a little odd, but I guess I trust them enough to know what they’re doing.  Hopefully my worries will be for nothing and I will have my beautiful custom band in a couple of weeks! Until I get to pick Sparklie back up on Saturday, I am wearing Sparklie II, my $7 Wal-Mart ring that Po bought for me several months ago when Sparklie had to have a missing pave diamond replaced.

She looks something like this, only fake. 🙂

Sparklie: The Sequel (as Po likes to call her)

Image from here

I don’t love her nearly as much, obviously. But she IS a little bit more comfortable to wear, I will admit.  My left finger just feels so naked without having something there!  Anyone else have a Sparklie: The Sequel? 

Anyone else have a custom designed wedding band? What was your experience like?


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