Buy us presents?

April 3, 2009

Last weekend Po and I also started our registry.  We decided to start out at Bed Bath & Beyond because I hear the best things about their return policies.  It was kinda fun.  I let Po use the scanner-thingy. 

Tin Can Alley by Lenox

We both still live with our parents*, so we basically have NOTHING. And we have no idea what our future home is going to look like.  This makes registering a little difficult.  We don’t want to register for too many unnecessary things because we are really going to need the basics.  It seems like nowadays most people are already living together or at least have been living on their own for a while so they just choose to “upgrade” their things.  We don’t even have anything to upgrade.  ha

Po did spend some time living “on his own” when he was doing some Army training, but his living arrangements came fully furnished so he didn’t have to buy much for that.  I lived with a roommate who already had everything (dishes, appliances, etc) for a short while before moving back in with my dad, so I didn’t have a need to buy my own stuff either.

Thus far, these are the two worldy goods we have purchased for our future home together:

Oh, yes. We have a Dyson.  Not sure why, not even sure if this is the exact one. But we have one. Po insisted. He sells appliances, including vacuum cleaners, and they were having a “really great sale”…and now we have a Dyson.

Our other household item is a 42″ plasma TV.  That was Po’s “engagement TV” that he bought shortly after I got my ring.  In the months leading up to our engagement I told him if he would propose then I would “let” him buy a flat screen.

So, we’re off to a REALLY great start, yeah? haha

I guess we also technically have a toaster, a mini food processor, and a small crock pot. But those are all things I’m willing to upgrade.

Even though we have no stuff, living at home has it’s advantages…like that whole saving money thing. Hopefully we will be buying a house in a few months instead of living in an apartment!  We’ve been good savers!

*And just in case anyone is wondering, no, we are not 18 years old or anything like that. We both have 4-year college degrees from out-of-state schools and we are both working full-time jobs. We like our parents and they like us and living at home works.  I still pay all of my own bills and stuff like that. …not that I NEED to justify myself to internet strangers, but…it is a little embarrassing to admit, I guess.  Oh, well. I don’t think anyone reads this little old blog yet anyways!


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