Flowers (the real ones this time)

March 23, 2009

Saturday I met with a florist!

First of all, I have to tell you about the florist’s poodles.  Ha, yes, her poodles! She had two really big standard poodles that greeted me at the door of the shop.  After I was seated, the doggies wanted some love, so I was petting them until the florist came back to start our appointment. When she came back she asked, “Now what do good girls do when we’re having a meeting?” and the two poodles turned and walked out of the room!! It was so cute!

Now, when I had called this florist, I gave her our date, and she said she already had three weddings (their max) booked for that weekend, including one on our Friday date! While searching for vendors, I have not run into anyone with our date yet . Even the florist asked if I was that other bride, just to make sure.  But, since I was really just looking for someone to do my bouquet, she had no problem setting up at appointment with me anyways.

But, being my normal stalker-self, I had to look on our local wedding website to see if this chick had an account, and sure enough, I found her name with the same date as us…but in 2010!!  So, I brought this up at our meeting and the florist was glad I did (she’s going to call her).I might have saved this other bride from a huge headache if she had found out her actual wedding date wasn’t booked!

I ended up talking about more than my bouquet at our meeting.  I figure, it couldn’t hurt to get a quote on other flowers and centerpieces, just to see if maybe we could squeeze it into the budget and not have to DIY. (Ha, yeah right. Who am I kidding? I know the price will be outrageous, but I really want to know.)

Here is a picture of my favorite bouquet!

Photo by Jeremy Leffel via The Knot Real Wedding Awards

Ahhh…drooool…so so pretty. Love it love it love it. The bouquet includes white freesia, roses, green hydrangea, white veronica, and ferns. She wasn’t sure about getting the fiddlehead ferns in the fall, but the rest should be a go.

Oh, and a slight incident that occurred during the appointment: Po caught a glimpse of a picture of my dress! Eep!  I didn’t have my car this weekend, so when Po came to pick me up from the appointment he walked in and saw the picture of me in my dress sitting on the table. He tried not to make a big deal out of it, but I know it really bothered him. He’s been trying really hard not to find out anything about my dress before our wedding day. I told him not to worry about it because he only caught a glimpse of a (very poor quality) picture;  all he really knows is that it’s white.  So, it’ll be OK. 🙂


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