Dress Shopping with Mom

March 18, 2009


Last weekend my mom and I went out to search for her attire for the wedding.  Since the only day we could go was Sunday, we ended up just going to the mall. I honestly didn’t have high expecations for the trip, because my mom had already said she didn’t think she’d feel like trying much on, AND we had to take my niece with us, so I thought she would be distracted. 

Well, the trip turned out to be a success!  My little baby niece was a perfect angel.  And I was able to talk my mom into trying on some dresses at the department stores.  The selections were actually slim, but we found some options.

Dress #1


We thought this was cute, but Mom wanted something to cover her arms.

Dress #2


I thought the color was actually nice on her and she looked pretty glam. But we both felt the floor length skirt kind of dwarfed her. She’s only about 5’4″.

Dress #3


Ummm…she picked this one out.  This is why I have to go with her. Pant suit? “But it kind of looks like a skirt…doesn’t it??”  No, Mom.  I’m not a fan of the flowy pants look.

Dress #4



So, I don’t have a great picture of this one, because Mom was fussing with the jacket the whole time, but this was our winner!  It’s a nice knee length (I’ve always told her she has nice calves).  It’s brown, which fits into our color palette nicely. It has a lovely jacket that gives her the arm coverage she was looking for.  AND…it was on the clearance rack.  Original price, $190.  We paid: $42.  Love that!  Now I told my mom she just needs to splurge on some really hot heels, and she agreed to that. 

I’m so glad we had that nice afternoon to do some bonding.  My mom and I never really did the typical mother-daughter shopping thing.  And we definitly have different tastes, so it was great that we were able to find something we both liked. 

MOB dress, check!

Up next, the results of my DIY flower project!


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