March 3, 2009

So, I have a lot of free time on my hands at work , and I always thought those bridesmaid newsletters were really cute.  So I made some and emailed them out to my girlies this week, and the response was good.  I just used MS Word and used a newsletter that I saw on Weddingbee as my inspiration for my layout.  Actually, I copied a lot of it, but that’s because I’m not very creative, I’m only re-creative.  I’m good at recreating other peoples’s ideas and fitting them to what I need.  Is that wrong?  It’s not like I’m selling it…and I’m not lying and saying it was all my idea…. Oh, well. Anywho, here is what they look like.


I used the newsletter to update them on the dresses, inform them that they can wear whatever black shoes they want, and give them  contact information for each other, the groomsmen, and the mothers. 

I think they’re cute. My bridesmaids think I’m a little crazy and one of “those brides”. But they still love me. It’s all good.


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