I knew this was coming

February 18, 2009

Oh, the guest list. Always a pain. Especially when you’re working with a tight budget. I have done all of my budget calculations based on 150 people showing up at our wedding. Thus, I was hoping to keep our invites to around 175 people, knowing certain people wouldn’t be able to attend. We added up family and friends and then allotted a certain amount of extra guests for our parents to invite their friends. Well, mostly for Po’s parents to invite friends. My parents don’t really have friends. They’re anti-social.

So, I told Po to have the guest list talk with his parents on Monday night and to explain that they could only invite 20 additional non-family guests. I guess it didn’t go over so well. They just couldn’t “understand” it.

What’s to understand? It’s our wedding. We’re paying. We gave you what we feel was a generous amount of invites. Deal with it.

Well, the next morning, FMIL sent Po an email with her “updated” guest list that she had saved from FBIL’s wedding four years ago. There were THIRTY-FOUR non-family guests on there. Thus pushing our guest list up to 198 people. I can’t plan for 150 guests with 198 people being invited.

So, I guess the only solution is to tell FIL’s to pick 14 people to go on a B-list, or we’ll do it for them. Because I’m not ruining my budget so they can invite everyone they know, especially when we’ve cut back our own friends in an attempt to keep the guest list under control.

On a side-note, I really do love my FIL’s. We’ve had a really great relationship. But I’ve felt some tension between us ever since the wedding planning has commenced. I think it’s because some of our ideas are a little nontraditional, and not how FBIL and his wife did their wedding. Hopefully things will get figured out soon and some of that tension will go away.

The way I see it, none of those extra friends of theirs are going to sit at home and cry if they don’t get to see us get married.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember in the midst of planning that no one cares about our wedding as much as us or our parents do. They just don’t.  At worst, they’ll feel a little slighted, but they’ll get over it.  We’ll blame it on the recession or some crap like that.  People have to understand: weddings are expensive and we can’t invite everyone!

OK. End rant.


One Response to “I knew this was coming”

  1. Just blame it all on the recession, no one can fault you for something that big! (and thanks for delurking!!)

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