Le Cake

January 19, 2009

On Friday night, Po and I met with Robin Conner-Hunt from Le Cake and booked her to make our wedding cake.  I’ve seen pictures of Robin’s work from other weddings and have always been so impressed with her beautiful cakes!  I love the look of fondant and I think she makes the most beautiful fondant covered cakes in our area.  I’ve also heard that her fondant actually tastes good, too!  I know firsthand that her actual cake tastes good because I tried some at the last bridal show AND at our cake tasting.  Yum. Yum.

Robin talked with us for two hours about different designs and ideas, and she thinks we have a design narrowed down. Little does she know how indecisive I am! Ha. Like I won’t change my mind in the next eight months!  But no matter what design we come up with, I have complete confidence that our cake is going to look and taste amazing! I am so excited.

Here is a picture of one of Le Cake’s cakes featured on The Knot’s Real Weddings. “Le Cake’s cakes”.  Hehe. That sounds funny.

Le Cake

Hooray! Another check off the list!


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