Communicating with vendors

January 7, 2009

Can I just say, I love it when a potential vendor will communicate with me via EMAIL! I tend to do a lot of wedding research and planning while I’m at work (yeah, bad, I know). So, it’s a lot less obvious to my co-workers to communicate with wedding vendors via email instead of gabbing on the phone. I get so annoyed when I’ll email a vendor and five minutes later, they reply with, “We’d be happy to talk with you about your upcoming wedding, please call us at blah blah blah to set up a time to meet with us.” WHY can’t we discuss details via email? You’re obviously at your computer if you replied to me. I can’t call you, and chances are I won’t have time to meet with you in person either.

Also, it’s nice to email because than I have a record of the answers to my questions. I’m sure there are benefits to meeting in person as well, and obviously, some vendors we will have to meet with in-person before choosing. But while I’m narrowing it down and just trying to get some simple answers, I. like. to. email.
Sorry, this post is really a vent, I guess. However, we did FINALLY book a reception location, and they have been so great about quickly answering my questions…via email! I love it. Plus, they are offering FREE room rental for Friday weddings in 2009. So our reception venue is FREE!!! I love that word.


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