Bridesmaid dress, maybe?

November 28, 2008

So, I found a dress I like…on!

It’s the right color and length, and it’s actually kinda comfy.  And hello?! $39.99!? How can that be beat?

The quality is what you would expect for 40 bucks.  I think they would go well with my dress, seeing as both have lace.  And I think they would fit the vibe we’re going for…if I knew what that vibe was…

One problem: my MOH is very “voluptuous” and I am not sure if this dress comes in her size.  I have no problem having her wear a different dress to “stand out” from the other bridesmaids, but chances are it won’t be as cheap, and I’d feel kinda guilty about that.

Two of the bridesmaids tried them on this week, and they gave them a thumbs-up.  They do seem to run a little big.  So, I think I’ll order a few more and have the other girls try them on when I see them.


Decisions, decisions, decisions…


2 Responses to “Bridesmaid dress, maybe?”

  1. […] did have my MOH try on the bridesmaid dress and unfortunately it did not work out for her. So tonight I’m heading to the bridal store to […]

  2. […] the best part is that the color and style of the dress I picked out looks AMAZING with the Target dresses! I am SO excited!!  I can’t wait for MOH to hurry up and graduate from grad school in […]

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