THE dress!

November 25, 2008

**Again, no peeking, Po! I KNOW you don’t want to see this!**




One day, on a whim, I called up my sister and asked her to go dress shopping with me. To most brides, this wouldn’t be unusual.  But for me and my sister, it was.  We do NOT get along, at all.  I won’t get into it all here, because this is a happy wedding blog, not a story-of-my-dysfunctional-family blog.  But we can just say that we are complete opposites and she will not be holding the position of bridesmaid in my wedding.

So, I thought this would be a nice way to include her in the wedding, despite our differences.  I let her pick out some dresses for me to try on, and she gave constructive criticism.  The first dress I tried on that day made me do a bit of a double take.  And I kept thinking, wow, I really do like this one.  Another dress I tried on that my sister picked out ending up being my second favorite of the day.  But I determined that I really just loved the back of the dress (yummy pleats) and not the front.

So, it came back to the first dress. I pictured it with a sweetheart neckline and for a second, I thought I was going to tear up.  Of couse, I couldn’t commit on the spot, so a couple of weeks later I brought Mama Ko, Mama Po, and a bridesmaid back to the shop for a second viewing.  Everyone liked, so after standing around for 15 minutes rocking back and forth and taking sideways glances into the mirror, I finally said, “OK. I’m getting this dress.”  I got applause. Haha.  As soon as I signed the check, I was instantly unsure of myself.  But I have to just keep telling myself, there is nothing I would change about this dress. It has all the elements I was looking for (or will, once it’s altered): sweetheart neckline, buttons, v-back, side-gathering, and no embroidery or sequins.  And it IS just a dress.  A very pretty, very expensive dress.  And the important part is what I will be doing in that dress: marrying the love of my life!

So, without further rambling, here is my wedding gown:

100_4241100_4243So, uh, it’s good, right?


3 Responses to “THE dress!”

  1. Lene Says:

    Is that the Mori Lee 2182 dress?

  2. koandpo Says:

    Actually, no, it’s a different dress. Though it had a lot of the same qualities of the Mori Lee dress that I liked. Sadly, I do not have a designer name or style number for this dress. I think it’s one of the “exclusive” lines that this store claims to carry.

  3. Lene Says:

    Ah oki:)Ive been looking for the mori lee dress in my town but no luck. It could of course be ordered but I find it kind of risky since I dont know if the dress actually fits my figure:)

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