Choosing a Venue

November 20, 2008

Let me just say that I am an incredibly indecisive individual.  Making any choice in life, no matter how big (choosing a college) or small (choosing a new shampoo), is REALLY hard for me!  I once had to have a friend select a face wash for me to purchase after I nearly had a breakdown in the supermarket aisle (an extreme case, but true, nonetheless)!  Oh, and it takes me waaay longer than any normal person to pick out a birthday card to send a friend.  Oddly enough, deciding to marry Po was very easy.  The rest of the wedding-related decisions, not so much.

Right now we are stuck between two venues.  I keep going back and forth in my head, and I can’t make up my mind. And it’s hard to go forward with the rest of the planning until we make this decision!  Here are our options:

Venue #1:


Pros:  GORGEOUS! Excellent service, fancy dessert menu, linens and china included in price, ridiculously low room rental fee.

Cons: Smaller space, 11pm end time, pricey food and beverage.

Venue #2:

(Tulle swags optional)

(Tulle swags optional)

Pros: Larger space, less than a mile from the church, less expensive food, 12:30AM end time, flexible owner.

Cons: Older building, less reputable (hard to find much feedback on my local wedding planning boards), linens not included, higher rental fee.

They are both very nice, and I think I’d be happy with either one, but for different reasons.  I just. can’t. decide!


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