The Engagement

November 13, 2008

Today is our five month engageaversary!  And man are we behind on the planning.  But that’s OK, we have plenty of time…or so the procrastinator in me leads me to believe.

Five months ago today, Po and I went for a little run after I got off work. As we were running down the street, I turned to Po and said, “Today is Friday the 13th!” And he asked, “So? Do you normally have bad days on Friday the 13th?”  And I answered, “No! I usually have really GOOD days!”  Little did I know how good that particular Friday the 13th would really be.

We ended up running to a butterfly garden where I jokingly teased Po about taking me to a “pretty place to propose”. Then he got down on one knee to “tie his shoe” and I was STILL clueless and teased some more, “Now if only you had a ring.”  He looked up at me and smiled and turned over his hand to reveal THIS:

My Sparklie

My Sparklie

I immediately started crying while he started to speak his sweet proposal.  I answered, “Yes!” and we hugged and kissed and cried some more.  After sharing the news with our families, we went out to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, and then my exhausted little Po fell asleep while I went through my contact list and called all of my friends!  Yes, it was one very lucky Friday the thirteenth!


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