November 12, 2008

Maybe you’re wondering, what is the meaning behind “koandpo”?  Well, back in college, some of my friends were discussing what animals they thought people resembled.  For instance, I had one roommate who was very bird-like. She was quite dainty and whenever she said the word “what” in her fake British accent, we told her she sounded like a bird squawking.  It was determined that I was a Koala Bear.  I guess it’s because I appear kind of slow and lazy? Koalas are kinda chill, they just sit in trees and eat and sleep.  I’m down with that. 

That conversation took place over four years ago, while fiancé and I were in the “just friends” stage.  I told him about it, and he asked what kind of animal I thought he looked like.  I decided on a Polar Bear, because he is pretty white, and tall, and kinda cuddly at the same time.

My Po with a Po at the Denver Zoo

My Po with a Po at the Denver Zoo

So, if you shorten Koala and Polar, you get Ko and Po.  Hence, the name.  We use these nicknames for each other quite often. And we’ve decided that when we have children, they will be our little Poalas. 🙂


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